2017 CMT Music Awards: Thank You For Voting!

2017 CMT Music Awards: Thank You For Voting!

Keith was the big winner at the 2017 CMT Music Awards, and it's all thanks to YOU, the fans!

Keith won the following awards at the ceremony:

  • Video of the Year - Blue Ain't Your Color
  • Male Video of the Year - Blue Ain't Your Color
  • Collaborative Video of the Year - The Fighter
  • Social Superstar of the Year
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shinnshack2 shinnshack2 admin
6 mos

I love your music, your big heart, your looks, personality, and a great family man!

ashlynnzimmermann16 ashlynnzimmermann16 admin
6 mos

Congrats Keith Urban, you and your music are Brilliant⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

brendaharvey brendaharvey admin
6 mos

I love blue ain't your color and the fighter hope you come back to American idol you were the best

aavery1461 aavery1461 admin
6 mos

Congrats Keith on your Wins!! May God continue to Bless you in bringing your Fans The Best of You!!!!!

jutigerlily jutigerlily admin
7 mos

Congrats Keith on your wins!! So very happy for you. I wish you so much sucess and happiness for you. You absolutely deserve it. You are fantastic!!

blondie1324 blondie1324 admin
7 mos

Glad Keith finely mad it Big once again.Love all of his music!

tn24gal tn24gal admin
7 mos

Kudos to us all, we did it!!! Team Work!! All our persistence in voting paid off! Keith deserves so many awards and we all know that, so glad we were able to make it happen and let him have a night he so deserves !!

amysues75 amysues75 admin
8 mos

I'm so voting for him

juliehirvilammi juliehirvilammi admin
8 mos

I am voting for Keith urban

susan101 susan101 admin
8 mos

So happy you won all 4 awards!!! It was about time !!!!

lakeviewtravel lakeviewtravel admin
9 mos

So happy you won all four awards! You deserve every award you are nominated for! I listen to Ripcord everyday motoring on the way to work and back,it keeps me motivated, all of the songs are so meaningful, I am pretty sure we all can relate to one or another of those songs. You have a beautiful voice, but you could just play guitar and have the melody melt our heats. Your dedication to your fans is so unbelievable but the love and devotion you show to your beautiful wife and adorable girls is so unmatched by any other celebrity, that devotion alone shows what a deserving talent you are, successfully balancing family and your career, congrats to you for these awards and wishing you many more!

krista83 krista83 admin
9 mos

My husband and I have been fans for much longer than I should probably admit! :*) This will be our first trip to the CMA's in a week. We have 4 day passes and hope to catch you at both of your appearances. Would love to know about a Meet and Greet, but haven't found one for you yet. I'm kidnapping my husband (Oregon) and taking him to the CMA's for his 70th Birthday surprise. He's much younger than 70 sounds! ha! -- so am I!
Good luck on Blue Ain't Your Color! Love it!
I love your guitar talent, voice, love for Nicole, but also love how you treat people. You are a nice, nice man. Good for you.

leolady leolady admin
9 mos

I vote every day as well, for Keith as Social Superstar! Good luck, Keith! You so deserve every nomination you get!

dhwalsh dhwalsh admin
9 mos

Have been a huge fan since I first saw you as the opening act for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Atlanta back in the 90's. Been to all your concerts since when you are in the Atlanta area and will continue to do so as long as I can. Your concerts are the BEST!

barbaragoverobaker barbaragoverobaker admin
9 mos

Will be rooting for you all the way your my favorite of all time! Good Luck

darcelstock2255 darcelstock2255 admin
9 mos

I've never been to Your concerts but still root for you

dkbrantley30 dkbrantley30 admin
9 mos

I hope you Win , and someday I will get a Meet and Greet. 💙

carolhiggs57_cc carolhiggs57_cc admin
9 mos

I'm voting everyday for #SocialSuperstar

djdennis djdennis admin
10 mos

Voted!Ripcord Tour Albuquerque, NM July 2016.jpg It is me in my Keith Urban attire.......loved this concert!