Create a 3D Souvenir Ticket!

Create a 3D Souvenir Ticket!

Looking for the perfect way to commemorate seeing the GRAFFITI U WORLD TOUR?! 

Now you can customize a 3D Souvenir Ticket!

There are two versions available - one that is a general tour ticket and another for members of Keith's fan club, The 'Ville!


Cynthia A. Wilson Sandra Ayres Rhonda Crowley William Amis Lyne Fougere Cathryn Mitchell Karla Gress Tracey Singleton Cindy Wright Marcus Scott Anderson Karen Montanaro Lorayne Stoll taytayreynolds Yvonne Sharma Melissa Jeal Michele Guzzi Jodie Thompson Pam Chesnutt elle tee Sherri Sidoti
lucascoco08 lucascoco08 admin
2 days

I ordered my tickets on August 11th and august 24 and I still haven't gotten them, who do I talk to about when they will arrive

annverwys annverwys admin
3 days

I ordered my ticket on August 6 but still haven't received it. Does it normally take this long...?

lyds44 lyds44 admin
2 wks

The year on the Australian tour on the sovonior tickets are wrong. It suppose to be 2019. Who can fix this so I can order mine. Thanks

noree noree admin
1 mo

Are the 3D souvenir tickets going to be available for the Aussie shows, please let this happen as I would love to buy one.

keithrulz keithrulz admin
1 mo

I would also love to see these available for the Australian shows. Would be a great inclusion to my scrapbooking.

nickyc68 nickyc68 admin
1 mo

Please make the 3D souvenir tickets available for the Australian tour. :)

noree noree admin
1 mo

Are we going to be able to order a 3D Souvenir Ticket for the Australia shows as well, would love to get one.

elletee elletee admin
1 mo

Oh I would love to get one for the Brissy show, here's hoping!

carolhiggs57_cc carolhiggs57_cc admin
2 mos

I ordered one for each of my shows. Hoping to get one signed somewhere

UrbanGuitar48 UrbanGuitar48 admin
2 mos

Got mine a few days ago. I love it!!!!