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FemaleSurvivor2013 FemaleSurvivor2013 admin
8 mos

MEANDKEITHURBAN.jpg Looking forward to another M&G for the #GraffitiUTour. See you in #KC, #Rogers, #LittleRock, #Nashville & #Dallas! Soooo excited! I am a rape survivor (10/02/2013). I traveled for work and on a work trip while eating dinner in the hotel diner; the next thing I remember was waking utter shock..scared, alone...and realizing what had happened. Rape not only effects the victim, but also EVERYONE around them. I say #NOMORE #TIMESUP #ENDRAPECULTURE. But especially, THANK YOU #KEITHURBAN for being brave, for caring, for being real, and for recording #FEMALE. If there were more men/human beings like @keithurban on this earth how blessed we would be. Cannot wait to see the #GraffitiU Tour; I know you will not disappoint.

anets anets admin
10 mos

Are your Grauffiti Jackets fofr sale

dkbrantley30 dkbrantley30 admin
11 mos

![B12E4BBB-6CFE-4F1E-9AAF-5C1ABC36D4A5.jpeg](https://cc-1.cdn-![Uploading file...](1524512211079)

tbook tbook admin
11 mos

Um, YES!!

mooswa61ny mooswa61ny admin
11 mos

LOVE LOVE LOVE !! Cant wait for the new record and to see you in July at CMAC! Come across the road to Cost Cutters bring the crew I will do everyones hair!! :)

clousmith clousmith admin
11 mos

is there a discount code for the packages? Just wondering...

jacqueline49 jacqueline49 admin
11 mos

Done! Pre-Ordered Vinyl and CD so excited! can't wait for them to arrive!
Love these covers Keith.