Keith's ninth studio album GRAFFITI U is officially coming out on Friday, April 27th! It will be available for preorder this Friday, April 6th.

Keith has also revealed GRAFFITI U’s album cover, an intimate image taken by world-renowned photographer Mark Seliger. 

You can pre-order Graffiti U now:


Coming Home

Never Comin Down

Same Heart

My Wave

Parallel Line

Drop Top

Way Too Long



Texas Time

Love The Way It Hurts (So Good)


Steal My Thunder 

Valerie Giugliano Jenna Rasar Michelle Wright Lisa Nolf Melanie Hooper Linda Stange Shelley Nelson Corinne Rogers Mary Lester Nikki orlick Victoria A. Robson Liz Howell Doug Torkelson Dale Raisl Rhonda Crowley Michelle Sigurdsson Sandra Ayres Susan Knack Meghan bauer Bryan K
kdesiree345 kdesiree345 admin
2 days

Thanks for releasing your new album on the same day as Avengers: Infinity War!!! Your amazing! :) #Marvel&Keithfan

alisa7 alisa7 admin
2 days

Keith is a complete Marvel ! ❤️❤️

tbook tbook admin
2 days

Tick toc waiting is soooo hard!!

lisa_gethard lisa_gethard admin
4 days

Keith, Would you please come visit Columbia, SC? I have been a deeply committed fan of your musical talents for so many years. Monkeyville is in my roots and I have your acoustic guitar with lessons! Please, come visit South Carolina and I guarantee "Southern Hospitality" for you and the family! Lisa Gethard, The Holy City of Charleston, SC

pmak2002 pmak2002 admin
6 days

I'm so excited and I can't wait!! ;] I love you so much, Keith.

cindylou1765 cindylou1765 admin
1 wk

How do i preorder Graffiti U?

daynean daynean admin
1 wk

Found the link. Thanks. Next has 3, 2 or 1 CD. What's the difference?

jacqueline49 jacqueline49 admin
1 wk

Love it! Can't wait!. ...All I need now are Oz tour dates 😁.

cwingo1 cwingo1 admin
1 wk

how do you preorder Graffiti U?

hooverlssm hooverlssm admin
1 wk

There is a link on his instagram story

atlbph atlbph admin
1 wk

Where is PreOrder link? I haven't seen it so far? Anyone?

rotc8276 rotc8276 admin
1 wk

Love it!! Can't wait!!

MTLindale MTLindale admin
2 wks

Love the cover.... CAN'T WAIT!!!

urbananimallover urbananimallover admin
2 wks

Will there be cd release concerts for fans like last album???!!!

akoz4ku akoz4ku admin
2 wks

Love it! Can't wait!

marhb16 marhb16 admin
2 wks

Great cover ! And yes my,oh my !!

countryluvingurl countryluvingurl admin
2 wks

People way overthink everything way to much

1kulover 1kulover admin
2 wks

Why does it look like he's taking off his ring? Beautiful pic but I'm afraid it will spark a lot of unwanted negative speculation.

vandaterrell vandaterrell admin
2 wks

My, oh my!!!!!