"Parallel Line" - Australian Single Available Now

"Parallel Line" - Australian Single Available Now

Keith's new Australian single "Parallel Line" is available worldwide here: http://smarturl.it/ParallelLine

Watch the lyric video now: http://smarturl.it/PL-LyricVideo

Pamela Hildreth Yvonne Summerfield Sascha Sherri Cook Stacy Crase ELIZABETH  POWELL Bonnie Truscott Penni Fields Debbie Hopkins Diane Thatcher susan Charlene stewart Erica Jacoby Jackie Scarbrough Kerrie Davis Norman Kekki Cindi Williams Donna Koon Joanne Burgess Cherryl Tanton Liz Loughlin
paulax4 paulax4 admin
10 mos

I really really love this one!💕

MTLindale MTLindale admin
11 mos


grassylin7 grassylin7 admin
11 mos

Love this song. Very inspiring!

bobbisoxd bobbisoxd admin
11 mos

Lovin this new single.

kathleenmaultz kathleenmaultz admin
11 mos

Uploading file...
I love Keith Urban and all his music..

margemiles0329 margemiles0329 admin
11 mos

Love it!!!!!

kimgoodlove kimgoodlove admin
1 yr

Love, love this song!

tbook tbook admin
1 yr

Love the sound.

tinadurand77 tinadurand77 admin
1 yr

Hi Keith love you music

knightwind knightwind admin
1 yr

Please release this in the US, I Love it!!

dmc61 dmc61 admin
1 yr

Awesomeness-done as only KU can do

katgarbow katgarbow admin
1 yr

Keith, you make my heart sing!!!!!
You just keep out doing yourself every year!
Keep on rockin' me like you do...


kuskadizsha kuskadizsha admin
1 yr

Baby you've gone and done it again!!!! Loving' it!

devinemrst devinemrst admin
1 yr

OMG I love this song!!!

ptb4867 ptb4867 admin
1 yr

Beautiful song!I can't wait for the album. See you in Tuscaloosa Al in August. Can't wait!!

jacqueline49 jacqueline49 admin
1 yr

I love this this song! ... you just keep them coming Keith awesome can't wait to see you in Brisbane!

bothman bothman admin
1 yr

I absolutely loved this new song from the very second it started. Fantastic, Thank you Keith my soul is smiling.

maria2004 maria2004 admin
1 yr

Muy bueno!!
Very good!!
Excellent lyrics👍

antjealexander antjealexander admin
1 yr

Wonderful song. I love it!💞

oregoncindi oregoncindi admin
1 yr

I love the song!

luridi luridi admin
1 yr

He's done it again - terrific song!

bonstwrte bonstwrte admin
1 yr

Oh I love this song!!!