Friday, July 26, 2019
Cheyenne, WY
​Cheyenne Frontier Days
cindy643 cindy643 admin
2 wks

Hi Keith,

Saw you in Laughlin NV in October 2018 and had a rocking good time... haven't had that much fun in a real long time. Danced all night long... Driving to Cheyenne from Cali going on a road trip with my husband to celebrate our 25th anniversary. I've bought all your albums, sent them to all my friends. Love them all!! I wake up and tell Alexia to play Keith Urban and I can tell her which album I want to work out with and get ready for work!!! Crazy Fun me and my dog Buddy rock out. I can't wait until Summer. I'm ready for a crazy rocking good time. I grew up in the 80's in Southern California been to a lot of concerts and all I can tell you is you ROCK!!! The woods would be burning is one of my favorites!!!
And I can't help it!! Big Promises ...Peace out! Hope to Meet & Greet!
Cindy Brennan

pumpjuggy pumpjuggy admin
1 mo

I'm so excited, I live in Chattanooga...but I was already planning to go to Frontier Days with my friend who lives in Wyoming. I was so happy when they announced Keith would be there.....Please give me a Meet and Greet, fan since Dollywood performance in 2002! So happy Keith will be there!!!

katydidw katydidw admin
3 mos

Same problem. Help, please, Ville?

lkornel lkornel admin
3 mos

log into the 'Ville and the password is there

katydidw katydidw admin
3 mos

Do you mean the presale promo code? Because that was the first thing I tried and it did not work.

hrts4keith hrts4keith admin
3 mos

Try putting in URBAN19. That worked for me. That info came thru my email. Good luck! I got mine!

katydidw katydidw admin
3 mos

Thank you, HRTS4KEITH!!! It worked! I have no idea how I was supposed to know that, though.

shaistih shaistih admin
3 mos

I am having the same problem with the password/promo code. It won't let me purchase tickets. Any ideas what I need to do?

reneeladwig reneeladwig admin
3 mos

I keep trying to purchase tickets and it asked me for a password how can I purchase ticket?