Friday, August 16, 2019
Endicott, NY

Dick's Sporting Goods Open

Ville Phoenix Club Pre-Sale Begins December 12 at 10:00am EST

heather769 heather769 admin
3 days

You gave me a pre-sale password I tryed to use and that doesn't work

Jennie14 Jennie14 admin
3 days

I am very very Upset --Endicott NY for Keith Urban ist general admission is not pitt unless your spend $300 --we never ever paid $300 for pitt plus pay $50 for parking --not a happy camper but I refuse to pay $300 and plus no way I have that type of $$$$ .. $154.65 was already way out of my budget general admission ticket and fees and parking ..DICK'S Sporting Goods Open certainly didn't post all this information ..this is not fair to ""The Ville" members..I know it is not "the ville" fault of high prices just the venue posting high prices

jjbouck03 jjbouck03 admin
3 days

is there a meet and greet for this concert? Thanks

didi84pr didi84pr admin
5 days

Uploading file...Uploading file...
Slapping hands with Keith in NYC at the garden !