Sunday, March 3, 2019
Berlin, Germany
Verti Music Hall

C2C Festival

susannk susannk admin
1 mo

KU finally in Germany. We were seven times in the US. Thank you for keeping a promise from Tuscaloosa. On 10.03. we are also in Dublin.

antjealexander antjealexander admin
3 wks

yehhhr! we are also in Berlin and Dublin!🙌🙌

agnes1957 agnes1957 admin
1 mo

Great to be able to see You in Europe, Berlin at C2C! Can't wait for it!!! We are coming from Hungary - bye-bye

danielaconstantin danielaconstantin admin
2 mos

My twin bro😉! Waiting to see u again, in Berlin this year!

Roadrunner65 Roadrunner65 admin
4 mos

We need your Setlist because we wanna sing along with you!:)

lfellerfan lfellerfan admin
4 mos

So happy he will be in Europe and more than happy he will be in my homecountry Germany!!! Will be there (and Amsterdam and London 😂😂)
Will be a great week 😂
Hope he will do some meet&greets?!

marion080564 marion080564 admin
4 mos

Hi, I'm a big fan from Austria and I was 3 times in US just for his concerts :-). It's so great that he will be coming to Germany. Why were you going to Canada for his concerts? I'm asking this cause I have nobody, who wants to come with me to see his shows :-).

antjealexander antjealexander admin
4 mos

OMG, that's so great. I did not believe Keith returned to Germany. When I found out that he was coming to Ireland I booked there and now this surprise. I would love to embrace Keith and thank him for his music. I experienced Keith 4 times in Canada in 2017 and 2018. I'm just so excited right now and I'm already trying to pre-order tickets. I hope Keith has success in Germany!