Saturday, March 9, 2019
Glasgow, United Kingdom

C2C Festival

6250056a 6250056a admin
2 wks

I am here to Keith UrBan

ggilmartin1478 ggilmartin1478 admin
3 wks

Has anyone heard anything about m&g

annmckelvie annmckelvie admin
4 mos

Soooo looking forward to seeing Keith Urban in Glasgow !

ggilmartin1478 ggilmartin1478 admin
4 mos

Will there be meet and greets for Glasgow?

cookyliz1962 cookyliz1962 admin
4 mos

Is there no meet and greet at Glasgow

luciole luciole admin
4 mos

Finally i will see Keith in live !!! So happy ♡♡

lynn73 lynn73 admin
4 mos

Ticket got for Glasgow. Can't wait. Hopefully it won't be so long time next time before he's back in time UK.

discovery7 discovery7 admin
4 mos

Well miracles DO happen!!! Cannot believe I am going to see Keith!!! So awesome!!! Tickets bought this morning!!! Roll on March 2019!!! Yipee!!! <3

scorpio_e1 scorpio_e1 admin
5 mos

Long overdue,can't wait

sharong2101 sharong2101 admin
5 mos

Hi can't wait... can you advise when pre-sale is?? xxxxx