Saturday, August 3, 2019
Sturgis, South Dakota
Sturgis Buffalo Chip Amphitheater
cindylieu cindylieu admin
1 mo

So has anyone purchased the campground passes for Sturgis or are you holding out for strictly concert tickets?

sheilaluvsku sheilaluvsku admin
3 wks

They don't sell concerts tickets. All concerts are free with your campground pass. I've got mine -- can't wait! We've been wanting to make another Sturgis trip and getting to combine a Keith concert with Sturgis is icing on the cake :)

MTLindale MTLindale admin
5 mos

Holy Crap.... STURGIS!!!! Husband is planning on a mountain climbing expedition that week but maybe just maybe I'll go by myself or he'll break a leg!!!

judymp judymp admin
5 mos

Haaa, oh no to your husband breaking a leg, but, yes, go yourself, you'll be amongst KU friends.