Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
Rod Laver Arena
jacqui_shannon jacqui_shannon admin
3 mos

Got my ticket !! wohoo

josephineanna74 josephineanna74 admin
4 mos

I had gold x2 and for some unknown reason i got booted out when i went to pay, everything was filled out and i pushed purchase, then bam!!! Then happened again, said i timed out, when i know i still had time!! VEry disappointed and frustrated,especially saving for so long but im still happy to be going :) I have front standing and second nice i decided after i lost my gold to get silver
Oh well, here's hoping to win a meet and greet, good luck to everyone

catmcguiness catmcguiness admin
4 mos

Got my ticket, can't wait. Is there a Meet & Greet competition?

freakles freakles admin
4 mos

Yes have u entered on here were the tour dates are

kyliejane71 kyliejane71 admin
4 mos

boooooo missed out on gold didn't even realise second concert had been announced been at work but got GA so all good :) 2 nights in a row bring on December yay

keithrulz keithrulz admin
4 mos

Missed out on Gold Reserved Package (man they go quick!)But happy to settle for Section A; Row A. Bring on Feb.