Thursday, January 31, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane Entertainment Centre

With special guest Julia Michaels

jonesfactor jonesfactor admin
1 mo

Anyone scored a Meet and Greet?!

alakav alakav admin
2 mos

cant wait when do we find out about meet and greet

skopman skopman admin
2 mos

Can't wait for this concert! The countdown is on!

debrarobinson1965 debrarobinson1965 admin
3 mos

So excited to be travelling down from the Sunshine Coast to see Keith at Brisbane on 31 January. Its my 4th KU concert. Would love to meet and greet ....

kazlindsay kazlindsay admin
2 mos

Yes, I applied months ago and couldn't verify my email.

blbd blbd admin
6 mos

How do you have your Email Verified cannot register for M&G!!!!

kim0405 kim0405 admin
4 mos

I just tried as well - goes no where. Moderators could you please help! Thanks

shell18 shell18 admin
2 mos

Having trouble as well

elizaallen23 elizaallen23 admin
6 mos

Can't wait for the concert, so excited Keith's coming home to play for us xx

writetoalandjacinta writetoalandjacinta admin
7 mos

I just got my 4 tickets!!! OMG here we come for the 3rd time!
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!!

sharonts sharonts admin
7 mos

I have tried to join as a member but I am getting a note saying "You do not have permission to complete this section??

debaussiecowgirl debaussiecowgirl admin
7 mos

Im logged in but cant see the unique code????

shadda shadda admin
7 mos

Very happy with this year's presale looking forward to Keith coming home!!!

blbd blbd admin
7 mos

Excited for this already!! Cant wait!!