Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Newcastle Entertainment Centre
beckford beckford admin
2 mos

Just wondering when u will no if u win the meet and greet competition will they email u

lreadford82 lreadford82 admin
3 mos

Can't find the promo code either. Don't understand how to become a 'paid' member as suggested below.
How are tickets already 'limited'?

peacock49 peacock49 admin
3 mos

You have to pay $34.99

bwatt bwatt admin
3 mos

I cant find where to select to be apaid member either - a friend is in america at moment and she had option to be a paid member.

sixtodate sixtodate admin
3 mos

ant find promo code
what a crock ,.... to hard

lindabelevski lindabelevski admin
3 mos

I cannot find the pre sale code ??

cooper1238 cooper1238 admin
3 mos

Me either?? help?

shamic4 shamic4 admin
3 mos

top of the tour page if you are a paid member

belj83 belj83 admin
3 mos

What is the presale code?