Saturday, May 5, 2018
Austin, TX
Frank Erwin Center

iHeart Country Festival

mushroommarlene mushroommarlene admin
10 mos

It was odd how the headliner could have been EITHER Luke or Keith; but for SURE Luke brought the house down! KU's performance was all too short, having to timeshare with the other 11 talented stars. The show was awesome, enjoyed getting a snapshot of the tour, and seeing KU and Marin performing together.

rawlings2 rawlings2 admin
11 mos


dorisvasco dorisvasco admin
1 yr

Love you to much Baby Herz

plfelter plfelter admin
1 yr

Got my tickets this morning! How about a tiny meet & greet, y'all? :) So excited - looking forward to the other artists, too!