Friday, July 6, 2018
Gilford, NH
Bank of NH Pavilion

With Kelsea Ballerini

preciousaunty10_Christie_ preciousaunty10_Christie_ admin
4 mos

Ive been trying to meet him for 14 yrs. Going to backstage Q+A and hope to somehow get a pic with him. Its on my bucket list! I win every contest i usually enter but somehow not for him. Geez. Lol

makufan makufan admin
7 mos

If anyone missed out, I have a fan club seat available at face value, in section 2b. Message me if interested!

nicesix nicesix admin
8 mos

That was pretty easy, Pit on my Bday:)

bonstwrte bonstwrte admin
8 mos

That was easy! I'm in!

tuffylynn tuffylynn admin
8 mos

Cannot wait !! Love this venue

bonstwrte bonstwrte admin
8 mos

Bank of NH Pavilion seems to have tickets on sale now. I sure hope they're scalper type tickets and they don't actually cost here what they're asking there. Not that KU and his crew don't deserve it - but I can't afford them.

wendy528 wendy528 admin
8 mos

Not on their website yet.

dboisseau36 dboisseau36 admin
8 mos

After a rough year this will be something that to look forward to. Keith Urban puts on the greatest concert, he is so into his fans, I'd be a groupy if I had money.

jonilhally jonilhally admin
8 mos

13912893_1369170916444053_1363951872977672708_n.jpgI'm going and bringing lots of cousins!!!

the5lords the5lords admin
8 mos

When can I purchase tickets?

vickie55 vickie55 admin
8 mos

When are tixs available?