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Thank you for being part of the Light the Fuse and Raise ‘Em Up Tour 2014!

Join us in celebrating some of our favorite moments!

The 100 Club: Keith meets his fans that have attended over 100 shows and inducts them into the exclusive club!

We Were Us Contest Winner, Kendal Conrad in Bethlehem, PA.

CHARLOTTE – that was one HOT night… but you all were oh so COOL!! Thank you for coming out – and be safe gettin’ home. Love you all!! – KU #RaiseEmUpTour

IRVINE – SO FINE MAKE ME LOSE MY MIND! STELLAR way to start the final weekend of the #RaiseEmUpTour! Thank you all. -KU

SACRAMENTO – DAAAAAMN!!!! You sure know how to end a tour!! Thank you to EVERYONE who’s come out on this magical ride. It means the world to us – I love YOU ALL!!!!! – KU #RaiseEmUpTour

Keith and the #SingWithKeith winner Brittany are getting ready for the #RaiseEmUpTour in St. Louis!!

Watch the Official Music video for ‘Cop Car’!

One lucky fan is chosen by Keith at each show to get his guitar!

Keith invites a couple that was dancing in the crowd up on stage at Calgary Stampede.

Watch the official music video for ‘Somewhere In My Car’!

A huge thank you to all fans who attended the 57 shows!

VIRGINIA BEACH – we gave it, you gave it back, we felt it, and it was OH SO SWEET!!!! – KU

Bethel, NY – one night of peace and music… and a whole lotta love!!! Right back atcha!! Thank you all! – KU

We’re All for the Hall: Together we have raised over $2,500,000 for The Country Music Hall of Fame.

Welcoming 4 new members to the 100 Club in Mountain View, CA.

100 Club backstage in Mountain View, CA.

Urban Chat 95: We just wrapped the Raise ‘Em Up Tour – THANK YOU

“Faithfully” – The Crew celebrates another incredible tour!

We Were Us Contest Winner, Bailey Ingle in Birmingham, AL!

GRAND RAPIDS!!! What a way to start 2014!!! U guys were a force of nature!!! -KU

Keith receives Platinum plaques for his singles: ‘Cop Car’ & ‘We Were Us’!

Keith surprises an unsuspecting fan while she thinks she is giving a testimonial for Urban Guitars.

Light the Fuse Tour 2013

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San Antonio, TX, US

San Antonio Rodeo

Hunter, NY, US

Taste of Country

Jacksonville, FL, US

Florida Country Superfest

Sheridan, Wyoming , US

Big Horn Country Music Festival

Grand Junction, CO, US

Country Jam USA

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